Register NOW! Limited Availability. PRIVATE LESSONS NOW OPEN!

HELLO! So nice to see you again after a long hiatus! TWO UNIONS: Sag/Aftra and AEA. This professional entertainment industry unions are the keys to unlocking the doors to Danceworks Millerton.

Gina’s Union Cards- Professional Broadway, Theatre, Screen, Film, Television & Radio Artist Union

Gina has worked steadfast in the entertainment industry. She has over ten thousand hours in experience ranging from training, performing, teaching and choreography. She has won numerous awards and received accolades, nationally and internationally for her work. She has had the opportunity to train, perform and share the stage and screen with incredible talents. Due to her professional status, she is able to see families privately on an appointment scheduled basis.

Gina will be operating her professional office located at Danceworks Millerton under the umbrella of Bright White Productions. Strict health and dress code guidelines MUST be adhered to.


Visit the link to registration and enroll today. Space is very limited. Registration will include Danceworks face mask and enroll you in the raffle for dance apparel, dance bags and other cool stuff too!

Happy Dancing!!!



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