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HELLO! So nice to see you again after a long hiatus! TWO UNIONS: Sag/Aftra and AEA. This professional entertainment industry unions are the keys to unlocking the doors to Danceworks Millerton.

Gina’s Union Cards- Professional Broadway, Theatre, Screen, Film, Television & Radio Artist Union

Gina has worked steadfast in the entertainment industry. She has over ten thousand hours in experience ranging from training, performing, teaching and choreography. She has won numerous awards and received accolades, nationally and internationally for her work. She has had the opportunity to train, perform and share the stage and screen with incredible talents. Due to her professional status, she is able to see families privately on an appointment scheduled basis.

Gina will be operating her professional office located at Danceworks Millerton under the umbrella of Bright White Productions. Strict health and dress code guidelines MUST be adhered to.


Visit the link to registration and enroll today. Space is very limited. Registration will include Danceworks face mask and enroll you in the raffle for dance apparel, dance bags and other cool stuff too!

Happy Dancing!!!




Hello all! Thanks for visiting! Below you will find the current schedule, which may change, depending on class enrollment and interest! We are so excited to dance with you! Please contact GINA (860) 992-2799 . Drop in for trial classes! If you are having financial hardships, reach out! If you are experiencing conflict with scheduling, reach out! Private lessons ARE available. We do not want anything preventing anyone who wants to dance from walking through the studio door. Hope to talk with you soon.

danceworks schedule





We are so baby beginning, getting our dance and creative movement space off of the ground! Our schedule is being reworked and currently depends on the student’s interest and the availability of parents and staff! Most of our classes for children, will begin at 4:30pm during the week and conclude with morning classes held on Saturdays. We have four main offerings, tap, jazz/hip-hop, acrobatics and ballet. We offer other classes as well, just ask! We’ve got some room for adding classes. We DO offer adult classes, again, subject to interest and availability.

This vision is all about coming together in the community with movement to promote wellness in the mind and body. Our dance school reflects that as students grow, they will learn the core values of discipline, team building and develop solid relationship skills. These are all good things that will serve them well in every aspect of their lives, as they grow into healthy and kind people within the community and beyond!

We are hosting open houses, even during construction. Because like our training, performances, daily lives and relationships, it and they, are continuing works in progress! Please pardon our appearance as we build up the foundation for a safe and creative movement space. Our Marley floor has been ordered and should be arriving next week!

Keep an eye out for emails, on our instagram and facebook pages for open houses and other information! Gina and Sarah will be there to meet and greet you and to get you acquainted with our vision. We’re so excited to get your little one… (and you!) ┬áregistered to move and groove!





All genres ranging from tap, jazz, acrobatics, ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, modern, musical theatre, hip hop and adult classes.


Sessions run for 6 months.


Registration fee: $20 / student

Pay entire tuition at open house or prior to January 13, registration fee is waived.



1 class: $55 /month

2 classes $110 / month

3 classes $ $165 / month

Sign up for 3 classes, get a fourth class FREE (discount of $330)

*****Pay entire session tuition at registration- receive a discount.

1 classes @ $330, $30 off- total @ registration $300

2 classes @ $660, $60 discount

3 classes @ $990, $90 discount.

Family discount: any more than three students registered for classes receive free tuition per individual students.

Tuition can be paid monthly.

Inclement weather days will be made up as scheduling allows.







Welcome! And thank you for visiting! If you are looking for Danceworks you have reached the right place! We are thrilled to be opening our doors at 5916 North Elm Avenue, Millerton, this coming January. Currently, we are under construction, with our website and creative dance space. We ARE accepting registrations and creating the schedule. We offer classes in all dance genres, including but mot limited to Tap, Jazz, Acrobatics, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical-Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Modern, Musical Theatre, Salsa, Partnering, Parkour, Mommy and & Classes, ALL Boys classes and more. Please contact Gina at (860) 992-2799 or through email at . We are so excited to dance with you!


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Gina likes to practice yoga daily to clear her mind of the extra “stuff” that likes to rent space there. She believes that if you rid yourself of the mind-clutter through controlled breath and disciplined practice, you are more able to create space for new cleansing thoughts that will manifest into reality, creating her own destiny.

Turning and Lunging -Dance/ Warmup Video

Gina spent some years of her career as a professional dancer. When she’s not working or spending time with her family, she likes to go into the studio and practice. Gina suffered a knee injury in the spring 2015. At that point, Gina, who’d always had an additional passion for acting, began transitioning a more serious focus on acting.